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This is just for a reference, my route will probably change a lot.

This is just for a reference, my route will probably change a lot.

The idea of travelling around the world on a motorcycle had always been tempting for me. After graduating from collage, my first aim in my professional career was to be able to buy my first motorcycle.  I started my first job as a video editor for one of the well-known studios in Istanbul.  After a while I was able to buy my first motorcycle, so the choice was a red Honda XL200.


Some time later I jumped to animation side of the industry, and then I was able to get my first KTM. The more I worked, the more I realize that being a career man is not my thing. Working too much to get paid, no spare time to ride, even you can`t do any plans for your free time. The client always needs more revisions and being paid by your boss, you are a modern slave to do all the demands. I was always dreaming of riding around the world without any time limits, but somehow you need money for that. Or, at least you should be able to make money along the way. Until I was able to do that, I did try to travel to remote parts of the world on my bike. Those trips were warming rounds for me, to decide for my gear, equipment, etc.

Photo: The Rolling Hobo, Mongolia

Photo: The Rolling Hobo, Mongolia

Keeping in mind the modern slavery concept that I had figured in my career, I worked for a less problematic workplace where I was able to save up some money.  Meanwhile other than my professional works, I got involved into documentary filmmaking. I started to carry my videography equipment on my travels and figured out how to shoot while travelling on a motorcycle.  Then came the two movies ‘’Ordu, Texas’’ and ‘’2Pamir’’. Later I’ve saved for quite some time, and did extra freelance work at nights. When I had the amount I thought I would need for my big trip, I quit my job.


Altai Republic, Russia

I’ve been unemployed for two months for now, and it feels great. I’m waiting for 1st June to start my trip, and I did not set for an end date. The idea behind my trip is simply ‘’Ride Must Go On’’ and I will try to travel as long as I can. The journey will start from Istanbul on 1st June 2014, then I will ride into Mongolia, Siberia. Around Vladivostok, I will decide to continue to South East Asia or to ship my bike to North America. But the idea is to ride all continents if possible.  The illustration on top of the page is just for reference cause I suspect that it might change quite a lot. I`m really curious about foreign cultures and their life styles. So, I will shoot my long journey with my 4K video equipment. Maybe in the future I would make a movie of it.


Photo: The Rolling Hobo, Northern Mongolia

Below are the most asked questions to me:

-What will you do when you return? How could you quit your job?
Well, I really don`t know and I don`t mind that much. If I did I would still be working. Work was never  in the center of my life, so it was easy to quit.

-Where are you going to sleep?
Mostly in my tent, cheap hostels, and I will try to use CouchSurfing and similar websites to find free accommodation.

-What happens if your bike brokes down?
I will surely have problems both with my bike and myself. But, hey! that’s the part of adventure. Being able to overcome these situations makes me feel good actually, so bring it on!

-How will you carry all that stuff on the bike?
I don`t carry much stuff to be honest. I bought the lightest & most compact equipment available, simple set of clothes. If I need clothes I can buy them on the way. I kept my clothes really minimalistic.  I always carry some dried food and enough water to keep me alive 2 days if something unpleasant happens.